About my socks…

Seeking to escape the limited individuality of my career attire, I turned to my socks for a creative outlet.

It’s an avenue of showing personality.

I started to wear personalized or conversational socks when I realized that for the rest of my life, I was going to be stuck in one uniform — either scrubs, or something I wear to the office every day. The collection has been growing ever since I got the first pair clad with pink polka dots.

I aim to catch everyone’s attention with these socks, and if I could design my own, I’d make them loud enough to start conversations.

Colorful sock stories…

At a restaurant we frequent, someone started to compare her socks with mine on each visit. And, once at a funeral I was seated in the front row, on the aisle because I have ten-foot-long legs. The person giving the eulogy kept looking at my socks, and in the middle said “Man, those are fantastic socks.” I felt so awkward being called out in front of everyone about my socks at a funeral. But it seems that in any situation, their colors and fun can bring out joy.

The architect in me really loves famous pieces of art. There’s a collection of socks that showcases art, like The Last Supper. One sock series even features Frank Lloyd Wright stained-glass windows.

The burning question: Which socks will you catch me wearing at the upcoming Build Your Future™ design workshops? Catch all the event details here.