About Tristan Hamilton

Get to know me

I didn’t always envision myself as a dentist, which is probably why it took me a little longer to get there than most dentists. As a child I had a knack for rearranging my parents’ furniture, sometimes much to their chagrin. In time, it was apparent that design was in my future. I followed that intuition to Andrews University where I studied Architecture, receiving my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Architecture.

After practicing for a few years with a high-profile firm in Washington, D.C., and having worked on notable projects like the Las Vegas City Master Plan, Vanderbilt University Master Plan, and numerous United States Embassy renovations, I decided to follow my heart to the mission field. I built my first church in Costa Rica, then went on to Zambia as a medical missionary where I treated close to one hundred women and children with vaccinations and prenatal care. Following Africa, my heart for serving people won out over designing buildings, so I ventured to many more countries, serving the underserved in Mexico, Belize, and South Korea, to name a few. In my international travels, I was most inspired by the smiles, happiness, and gratitude I received from dental patients.